Tree Stump Grinding

Need tree stump grinding services for your garden or property?

If you’ve got an unwanted or annoying tree stump sitting smack bang in the middle of your lawn or garden, don’t spend hours and days trying to remove it yourself – call the experts at Hobart Arbor Co. to come and undertake safe and effective stump grinding which will leave your property stump-free in a flash!

Safe and environmentally friendly stump grinding and stump removal services

At Hobart Arbor Co, our team of professional arborists provide safe and environmentally-friendly stump grinding and stump removal services for residential and commercial customers across the greater Hobart area in southern Tasmania. 

Our stump grinding and stump removal process is one of the safest and most environmentally friendly methods to remove unwanted and unsightly tree stumps and roots for residential clients, commercial properties and businesses, body corporates, councils and more.

Using specialised grinding machines and equipment, our team of professionals will make sure that both the tree stump and tree roots are removed with minimal impact on the surrounding area, preventing any future regrowth, termites, root rot or decay.

Unlike pulling the stump out or using standard excavation equipment, our stump grinding method uses a high-speed cutter wheel to break or grind the stump and roots into small (and very useful!) wood chips.

Once the stump and roots are removed and chipped, we’ll rake it all up and fill the hole with the wood chips and leave it to breakdown naturally over time, returning good nutrients to the soil.

Contact us today for an onsite quote today for our tree stump grinding or tree removal service.

Professional and experienced stump grinding experts

Hobart Arbor Co. employ qualified arborists who are highly skilled and trained in complete tree removal, tree pruning and shaping, stump grinding and removal, tree recycling, and ethical and sustainable tree care practices for residential customers and commercial businesses.

Our professional team is dedicated to keeping up to date with new techniques and practices, and work to Australian industry-approved safety standards to quickly and efficiently grind.


What are the benefits of stump grinding compared to other methods?

Professional stump grinding not only removes unsightly stumps and safety tripping hazards, but also helps to prevent the spread of diseases and destructive pests such as termites and other wood-boring insects.

Stump grinding is also the fastest and most practical way to prepare your property for future landscaping or construction requirements, and prevents regrowth without using harmful chemicals.

Don’t spend hours (or days) of your time manually digging out a tree stump – let our team of experienced arborists do the hard work for you in a fraction of the time!

How long will it take for an arborist to grind and remove a tree stump?

It could take between 30 minutes or several hours – but it all depends on the age, size and type of tree stump, and how easy it is to access the area with our equipment.

We can provide you with an estimate of how long the process will take when we provide you with an obligation-free quote.

Why are tree stumps so hard to remove?

As a tree ages, its roots grow deeper into the ground seeking stability and groundwater.
The deeper the roots go, the harder it becomes to remove the stump without heavy machine assistance… or many, many hours of digging!

Why should I remove a tree stump?

There are many reasons why you might want to use a professional tree service company like Hobart Arbor Co. to remove a tree stump from your property.

It may simply be unpleasant to look at, or be taking up room in your garden/outdoor space that could be used for something else, or you may be preparing for landscaping or construction works that require easy access or a blank canvas.

In some cases, it may be necessary to remove a tree stump to prevent regrowth or rot, or it may be a potential safety hazard – you can’t always see what is happening beneath the ground, and over time, tree roots could cause significant damage to footpaths, roads and underground pipes.

What happens if I don’t remove a tree stump?

Depending on the variety of tree, you may find that the tree stump and roots will rot and attract pests, fungi and other diseases that could begin to spread throughout your garden and lawn.

You may also find hollow stumps provide a cosy home for small animals and snakes, and the roots may also keep growing beneath ground level.

How messy will stump grinding be?

The actual grinding process is relatively mess-free.

We make sure to clean up after ourselves so that apart from a neat and tidy pile of wood chips instead of a tree stump – you’d barely know we’d been there!

What happens to all the wood chips?

Generally, most of our customers requiring tree stump removal services will use the wood chips as mulch for other areas of the garden or property.

If this doesn’t suit your needs and you want the wood chips taken away, our team can also arrange to remove them for you.

We’re committed to sustainability and ensuring that wherever we can, we adopt an environmentally friendly approach to recycling tree parts for firewood, mulch, or making wood available to artisans and woodworkers for projects.

Do you service all areas of southern Tasmania?

Currently, we are limited to the greater Hobart area and surrounds of around 1 hour from the city.

Give us a call on 0438236971 to find out if we’re able to provide stump grinding and other tree services to your area.

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