Emergency Tree Services

If there’s been a storm or a tree emergency where a falling limb or tree branch could (or has!) caused significant damage or poses a safety risk to yourself/others or your property – don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation and try to fix it yourself! – give the professional arborists at Hobart Arbor Co. a call on 0438236971 for all your emergency tree removal service needs.

Our team of expert and qualified arborists have 20 years combined experience in emergency tree removal services and working with hazardous trees and storm damage.

If you have an emergency situation where there has been damage to property due to strong winds, storm damage or fallen power lines, it is crucial that you give us a call to come and inspect the site. We will safely and efficiently undertake a thorough risk assessment and develop a plan of action to remove the dangerous tree/s, fallen branches, as well as put in place a plan to reduce the potential for future or additional damage.

Hobart Arbor Co.’s team of qualified arborists undertake a wide range of emergency tree services including the felling and safe removal of entire trees, dangerous trees and branches, as well as branch or whole tree pruning, tree stabilisation and root assessments.

Preparing your trees for storms and high winds ​

If you live in a storm-prone area, our professional tree arborists are available to undertake full risk assessments of your trees and advise on what can be done to prepare your trees to safely withstand storms and high winds.

Generally speaking, healthy trees can withstand extreme weather conditions, so the best thing you can do to prepare your property is storm-proof medium to large trees by providing regular maintenance.

The team at Hobart Arbor Co. can advise you on correct levels of watering and mulching required for different trees, as well as the ideal schedule for regular and corrective pruning. This is particularly important if your trees are young and not fully matured.

Many of the emergency storm callouts we have encountered could have been prevented through proper pruning and maintenance, so having your trees assessed and cared for by our qualified arborists will ensure that your trees are getting the care and maintenance they need to grow safely.

Preventative and regular tree pruning such as weight reduction and dead wood pruning are important to free your tree of weak limbs, and overextended or broken branches that could fall and damage your property during a storm.

Correct pruning also encourages the right type of growth and development of the integral structure of your tree – which makes for a stronger, much more resilient tree in times of severe weather.

What can I do to help prevent storm damage?

There are lots of things you can do to help prevent your trees from suffering damage in a storm, including:

keeping the roots protected

Roots act as the tree’s anchor, so if they aren’t healthy and strong, or stable, it is much easier for your tree to become uprooted during a storm – especially if the ground soil is damp. Try and avoid any construction or excavation near where the roots are growing, and layer a ring of mulch around the base of the tree to boost the nutrients and help to encourage a stronger root system.

planting the tree in the right location in the first place

If you are a new home owner or commercial business ready to undertake new planting, please (please!) check with a professional arborist that your tree is the right tree for the place you’ve chosen! If your area is prone to high winds, flooding or other environmental factors, you need to take this into consideration when choosing both your tree and its (potential) new home! And, always remember that the little tree you plant will grow, so make sure you never plant too close to houses or other structures, powerlines or footings!

seeking professional advice!

If you are concerned about an existing tree, or you want to plant new trees, give our experienced team a call and we can come out to your property and provide you with the advice you need to make good choices for the future of your tree and your property.

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