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About Tom

Owner-operator Tom has been climbing treetops above Hobart and beyond for over 10 years, and has developed a well-respected local knowledge and understanding of the Tasmanian landscape.

Motivated to merge a career with his love for the great outdoors and the environment, he started out training and working with leading mainland arboriculture companies before coming home to Tassie.

In 2018, Tom created his very own small business – Hobart Arbor Co. – and has never looked back!

Over the years, Tom has quietly been building his business to create more jobs for Tasmanians, and promote ethical tree care and sustainability through his professional tree service company.

Professionals you can trust​

With the skills and knowledge needed to prune or remove trees by climbing and dismantling, aerial rigging, or with help from elevated work platforms or cranes, Hobart Arbor Co. arborists prunes trees to Australian Standards AS 4373 – ‘Pruning of Amenity Trees’ and complies with all local council regulations.

We love seeing trees flourish safely in the right environment, and will provide you with honest advice about what is best for the health and well-being of your tree and garden.

Our team are committed to maintaining the health and integrity of your trees. Where we can, we prefer to retain your tree and keep it happy, healthy and alive!, although in many residential and commercial areas this can be tricky if the right tree has not been planted in the right place, or a development is taking place which can mean a complete tree removal is necessary.
When you meet us for a free no-obligation quote, we will talk you through all the options and suggest a solution (or solutions!) to meet your objectives and achieve the desired effect while minimising any negative impacts to your garden or property.

We are meticulous in the planning and execution of all jobs, follow safe work practices, and will always leave your property neat and tidy.

We’re also committed to sustainability and sustainable practices – check out our sustainability page.

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