Tree Pruning

Hobart Arbor Co. specialise in all types of pruning services for both residential and commercial gardens and properties. Trees in the urban environment require regular care and maintenance to maintain their health, size, aesthetics and above all safety. All pruning works are planned and executed to reduce the probability of structural failure and reduce the risk to people and property while prolonging the tree’s lifespan.

​All tree pruning works – including tree trimming, hedge trimming, crown lifting and thinning – are planned and undertaken by Hobart Arbor Co.’s team of qualified arborists, and adhere to all guidelines set by the Australian Standards AS 4373 – ‘Pruning of Amenity Trees’​.

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Professional and experienced tree pruning experts

Hobart Arbor Co. employ qualified arborists who are highly skilled and trained in complete tree removal, tree pruning and shaping, stump grinding and removal, tree recycling, and ethical and sustainable tree care practices for residential customers and commercial businesses.

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Tree Pruning Services

At Arbor Co, our professional team of arborists provide a comprehensive range of tree pruning services including:

  • Deadwood pruning
  • Crown lifting
  • Weight Reduction
  • Targeted pruning
  • Formative pruning
  • Height Reduction
  • Crown thinning

We also offer a range of other tree services including tree and tree stump removal and emergency tree services – find out more from our tree stump removal, tree removal service and emergency services pages.

Deadwood removal

Deadwood from decayed or diseased branches can be a safety hazard to both people and property, particularly if the tree branches are located in or near public spaces, roads, houses, powerlines, or recreational gardens.

At Hobart Arbor Co. our team are experienced in undertaking dead wood pruning on mature or dangerous trees to remove potential safety hazards. Removing dead wood also helps improve the appearance and overall health of the remaining parts of the tree, so make a note in your diary to contact us for regular deadwood pruning as a key part of your yearly garden or property maintenance and tree care plan!

Crown lifting

Crown lifting is a pruning technique where we remove the lower branches on a tree to lift the canopy or crown of the tree to improve clearance for vehicles, pedestrians and infrastructure.

As well as improving aesthetics, crown lifting is also a great alternative to removing trees that block the light (or your view!).

Weight Reduction

Weight reduction pruning is an essential pruning technique when branches become too heavy or overextended. Hobart Arbor Co’s team are experienced in identifying those limbs and branches that are at risk of breaking or have the potential to cause branch, stem or whole-tree failure.

Targeting pruning

Structural faults in a tree can result in parts of the tree failing, or individual branches becoming damaged or dangerous.
Hobart Arbor Co.’s experienced arborists are trained to identify these faults and prune your trees to remove the risk of further damage, and maintain integrity of the tree.

Formative pruning

If you need a hand in establishing your young tree/s in the first two to three years, our formative pruning techniques will establish a framework of branches that maximises new growth and creates the required form of your tree while maintaining the natural shape and allowing it to reach its full potential. 

Canopy/ Height Reduction

Canopy reduction reduces the overall size of your tree whilst maintaining a natural shape. Whether it’s to reduce height to allow for views or sunlight or to manage the size of your tree that is outgrowing its space…………

Crown thinning

Crown thinning is where we will selectively prune smaller branches within the canopy of the tree. This can be done to help sunlight penetrate through to your home or garden while maintaining the shape and structure of the tree.

This technique won’t change the overall shape of the tree, but it could also improve the general health and wellbeing of the tree, as we will also remove dead or decaying branches throughout this process.


How often should you prune a tree?

As a general rule, we recommend that mature trees be professionally pruned every three to five years. This gives older trees time to regenerate and prevents your tree from experiencing ‘pruning shock’ – which can affect future growth.

Younger trees can be pruned a little more often – every two years or so – as they are more resilient and vigorous growers and can recover from a hard prune much faster than older trees.

Help! I've pruned my tree myself and am worried I've killed it... can you help?

It depends on what you’ve done – but it’s unlikely that it will die. Trees and shrubs are generally pretty hardy, but in all likelihood, you may have over-pruned your tree and it may be experiencing ‘pruning shock’.

Depending on the tree and how much you’ve cut, it may take several years to recover, so, if ever you are in doubt of your pruning abilities… our best advice is ‘just don’t’. Simply put down your pruning gear and give us a call!

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