Tree Removal

There’s no doubt that trees are good for the environment. They release oxygen into the atmosphere, assist in irrigation and can even help prevent flooding and soil erosion… plus they also look great and provide much needed shade during the Tasmanian summer season!

But sometimes, a difficult decision has to be made…

If you have a potentially unsafe or dangerous tree on your property or in your garden and standard tree trimming and tree pruning just won’t cut it (excuse the pun!), tree removal by professional arborists may be your only option.

The good news is that Hobart Arbor Co.’s qualified arborists are only a call away!

Our team of professionals have the experience and expertise that you need to tackle a wide range of tree removal needs – from large complex trees in close proximity to properties or structures, to the felling of small trees, large-scale block clearing and everything in between.

Give the team at Hobart Arbor Co. a call on 0438 236 971 to discuss our professional tree services and how we can help with your tree removal needs.

You may also be interested in our tree stump grinding, tree pruning or emergency tree removal services. 

At Hobart Arbor Co. we offer full-service tree removal of entire trees and diseased branches for both residential and commercial clients.
  • Hazard assessment and advice
  • Tree felling
  • Confined spaces
  • Dangerous trees
  • Emergency and storm damage
  • Firebreak maintenance
  • Block clearing
  • Vegetation clear backs
  • Stump removal

Why should I remove a tree?

There are as many reasons for removing a tree as there are trees themselves, but some of the common reasons people choose to remove trees are based around the potential risk to property, people and public safety. This can include:

Tree roots growing into plumbing, foundations of a house, or lifting concrete

Proximity to infrastructure or power lines and instead of constant pruning the tree is removed. ​​

A dead, dying or diseased tree will slowly lose strength and potentially fall – these types of trees can be very dangerous in residential areas if they are not removed. ​​

Trees that have been damaged due to storms.​

Many people overlook how quickly trees can grow, a newly planted tree can affect surrounding structures in future years if not planted incorrect positions.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree from my property?

Regulations around tree removal need to be taking seriously to protect our heritage and ecosystem, HAC can take care of permits required to carry out work.

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